Sensação [pronounced as SEN-SA-SAO] is Portuguese for sensation. Sensation
noun 1. that thing that gives you a thrill, a sudden feeling of great excitement and pleasure.

The Nairobi Kizomba Sensação is a 3-day music and dance event that will provide a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in Kizomba, Semba, Afrohouse and Kuduro music and dance genres. Set in the safari capital of the Africa, Nairobi is a city that never seems to sleep, the entire town has a boundless energy, and is thriving place where all of human life can be found.



Rico & Adda

Rico Suave Adda Dociu are Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Afro House & Kuduro instructors originally from Guinea-Bissau and Romania respectively. Rico and Adda are based in London and are the directors of RicAdda Dance School. They are committed and focused on sharing the passion for Palop music, dance and culture.


Adilson & Telm

Adilson and Telma are world famous dance instructors, performers and choreographers residing in Angola. They are experts in Kizomba, Semba, Afrohouse and Kuduro. They were the third best dancers of Kizomba/Semba in Angola at the National Contest in 2017.


Claudio & Patricia

Patrícia and Cláudio will be sharing their creativity, jovial energy and skills with us once again! Their teaching style and amazing performances make them a crowd favorite everywhere they go. They are teachers of Kizomba | Semba | Tarraxinha | Urban Kiz | and have been teaching for over 6 years all over Africa.


Rui Djassi Moracén

Rui Djassi Moracén is the founder of the "University of Kizomba", a non-profit educational initiative that aims mainly at promoting Angola at large, preserving its culture as well as the essence of its dances. Over the last 18 years, Rui's passion for Kizomba and its precursor (Semba) has evolved from teaching folks the correct body mechanics of these dances and shifted towards emphasizing the importance of understanding the socio-cultural dynamics associated with Kizomba on much wider and deeper perspectives. His Kizomba research interests lie at the intersection of music, musicality, dance, influences (historical, political, geographical, etc.) and how the combination of these elements contribute toward the unique soul-satisfying bliss that Kizomba provides to everyone on and off the dance floors across the globe. Under the umbrella of the University of Kizomba, he has taught workshops and/or participated as a panelist at major Kizomba events around the world. He spends considerable time in Angola where he continues to uncover and gather even more interesting research materials on Kizomba/Semba, which he then shares during his workshops and/or online at University of Kizomba. Rui is a chemical engineer who has been teaching Kizomba as a hobby and promoting it outside of his home country (Angola) since 2001 when he was part of a small group of Angolan students at the University of Cape Town who decided to share their country's music and dances with other students on campus.


Ronnie CK

Ronnie Ck is an accomplished and skilled professional dancer, teacher, choreographer and DJ, who has taught, performed and choreographed throughout Kenya and internationally and has been studying the performing arts for more than 15 years and boasts expertise in a broad range of dance styles including Modern, Jazz,Tap, Contemporary, Horton technique, Ballet, African dance, Ballroom dancing, Lindy hop, Salsa, Semba and Kizomba among other dances. Ronnie's true passion has always remained with his ability to convey to others his passion and enthusiasm for the performing arts and dance. A natural born dancer, a lover of creativity, he has always drawn inspirations from international dance teachers and choreographers such as Kevin Armstrong Babb(Trinidad), Miriam Rother(Israel) and Lena Joseffson(Sweden). His performances continually push the realms of spectator and performer to challenge both roles while introducing new ideas into the work, and has played an active part in Nairobi's dance community by consistently provoking with new ways to think about dance and movement. He is also the founder of both The Kizomba District which is a Kizomba/Semba school in Nairobi and The Morabeza Kizomba Weekend Nairobi.


Dj D’Cure

Co founder of Denasi Entertainment Company. Which offers Latin dance classes, sound/PA hire, videography, photography services & event planning/management in Kenya. He is a brand complete with an outstanding professional personality,a flare for all things quality, latest technology & most of all a keen ear to profound music.He has an immensely rooted passion for music hence found his path leading him to learning, instructing & choreographing Latin dances for 8yrs now. He gained interest of becoming a DJ when he was a kid then pursued, perfected & crafted the art professionally in 2013. Since then he has been a 4D Brand *(Designated.Dedicated.Diverse.DJ)* in corporate & birthday parties, weddings, brand marketing, TVC , music videos, night clubs & dance festivals. DJ D'CURE Brand Persona, Achievements & Credits With a musical forte of playing different genres, he has established himself over the years as a Dj who can play for various audiences, age groups & demographics while connecting and growing cultures through music. Performed in many major events & stages in & out of Kenya... the annual Red & White Xmas party in Dar TZ (2014 - 2017) Xmas carols in Slipway Hotel in Dar, Dar Latin festival 2017 & 2018 Machweo dance festival, Kizomba Sensacao, Juba Afro Latin Weekender & the just concluded Morabeza Kizomba Festival to name a few. He is currently hosting & performing monthly at his event dubbed Latin Night Dance Fest 2.0 at the Alliance Francaise de nrb & weekly socials at different hot spots in the capital, Nairobi. He is also on air weekly for a show on One Love Radio from the UK.
Music is my Drug ......... I'm the Cure


DJ Serghino

DJ Serghino is a multi-cultural African DJ based in South Africa, with a pan-african music taste. Deejaying is his first hobby, photography his 2nd, both fueling his need for creativity. Whilst kizomba & zouk music have always been a part of his life, he was introduced to other genres and dances while attending South Africa's Afro-Latino scene. He is a DJ, dancer & event host in the Johannesburg scene, and has been growing his international presence.


DJ Galo

Nuno Fortes AKA DJ Galo is a DJ/Event organizer based out of Hamburg, Germany. DJ Galo first moved to Canada from Angola at the age of 12. He began his journey as a DJ back in 2004 when he debuted at local nightclub (Trinport), where he quickly became the resident DJ. During that time he was also requested to play regularly at the Angolan community parties in Canada. DJ Galo has been featured in several major festivals nationally and internationally. Being specialized in the African music genre of Kizomba, Semba, Kuduro, Afrohouse, and more, he has been able to travel the world and play in many countries to name a few USA, Portugal, Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Kenya Cabo Verde and more. Throughout his DJ career Galo has had the privilege of working with renown Kizomba and Semba singers such us: Yuri Da Cunha, Yola Semedo, Ivan Alekxei Euclides Da Lomba, Carlos Burity, Maya Cool, Walter Ananaz, Nelo Paim, Grace Évora, Johnny Ramos, Timmy, Jamice, Atim, Mika Mendes and more. As an organizer DJ Galo has co-hosted major events such as So Kizomba Festival Toronto, Ginga Festival Hamburg and currently Toque Festival in Toronto. DJ Galo’s musicality energy while playing is undeniable, due to his background he is able to transcend musically through the night while contaminating his crowd, reason why he is currently one of the most sought after Kizomba DJ in The Kizomba world. Facebook: @GaloSuper Instagram: @djgalo26


Dj EKins

Emmanuel Sowah - a.k.a DJ E-Kins - is of Ghanaian origin and is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He hails from a family of dancers in Accra, which is what informed his passion for dancing and music from a young age. As one of the pioneers of the Afro-Latin dance community in SA, he started his Afro-Latin dancing career in the year 2000. He has been teaching dance and deejaying since. Renowned for being energetic on the dance floor, dedication to music, dancing, and most importantly to his learners, DJ E-Kins is passionate about contributing to the growth of the Afro-Latin dance community in Africa through Dance Spirit SA, a school he co-founded in 2005, situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. The school offers weekly dance classes to all levels of dancers, ending the evening with a dance social where students and non-students showcase their moves. He has over the years retained his membership as part of the salsa and kizomba Afro-Latin dance community in Ghana. As an extension of his passion for the growth of the Afro-Latin dance community in Africa, DJ E-Kins founded the International Akoma Dance Spirit Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa. An annual dance festival which showcases different dance styles. The electrifying festival brings together the international dance community to celebrate their passion for dance and music. Outside the dance scene, he is an IT entrepreneur and the managing director at Emsolve IT Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Facebook – Emmanuel E-Kins Sowah Instagram – @dje_kins Website – Email –


Dj Mutati

This man needs no introduction. From Kenya to the world, Yassin Mutati loves sharing his experience enthusiastically with the world and he transmits positive vibes to dancers everywhere through his contagious energy. To Mutati, It’s about feeling the music. Listen to the beats of Kizomba while the walls shake to the vibrations of the percussion. When Mutati is playing your favourite tunes on the dance floor, he will make you want to dance even when your feet say "Stop"!



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1. Access to all Workshops & Parties during the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
2. Full Pass is non-refundable but transferable.

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2. Festival Accommodation (5 days/4 Nights)
3. Day City Tour

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1. Full Festival Pass
2. Festival Accomodation (5 days/4 Nights)
3. Day City Tour
4. Safari Package (Option of Masai Mara/Sopa Lodge or Diani/Swahili Beach Hotel)

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